As the time passes by, mobile technology is rapidly affecting and growing the diverse business sectors around the world. The need to entertainment – almost everything is available at your own fingertips because of the revolutionary enhancements in the mobile app development industry. Did you know that a successful app development process requires proper market research, strategy, budgeting and efficient planning? Nevertheless, the most important part is to choose the right programming language to plan your application.

Here is the list of the top trending programming languages to offer a physical shape to your goals.


This programming language is no doubt the ideal option for creating any mobile app on the Windows platform. This is an undisputable fact that the Windows Phone platform isn’t famous as other game-changes platforms such as Android and iOS. Nevertheless, for the committed Microsoft users, this programming language is the most successful option to create robust apps for Windows Phone platform.


When we talk about android mobile app development, this is arguably the most favorite programming language. You will find 2 different ways to run Java. Either you could run it via any virtual machine without no browser or you could run it in your browser window. Further, while you update the software and reuse the code, this flexibility provides a big advantage. Even though this kind of programming language won’t aid to devise iOS mobile apps, for a cross-platform mobile app development, JAVA is no doubt one of the ideal choices.


For creating compelling iOS apps, the majority of the iOS developers considers using this programming language. In case you didn’t know yet, the current APIs of Apple like Cocoa and Cocoa Touch becomes smoother and easier with Swift. The best feature of this programming language is that you can avert most of the security threats linked with other programming languages like Objective-C.


If you are searching for a programming language, which can create web-fronted apps for your mobile devices, nothing could outplay HTML5. With the effective help of it, inserting any types of data, optimizing the response parameters and more become much smoother and easier. The more interesting thing her is that utilizing this programming language, your application development process becomes more cost effective too. The only problem with this effective language is that HTML is still at the proposed standard level. Still, this hasn’t affected the massive fame of HTML to develop feature-rich apps in today’s market.


Although the mobile technology is rising in an excellent way, when it comes to the pointing of allocating any feature-rich and dynamic application, until now, the majority of developers consider utilizing this effective programming language. With the use of C++, creating any sophisticated mobile app for platforms such as Android and Windows become easy. This language is sought after for its low-level programming.

Objective C is another one of those effective languages to develop applications for iOS and MacOS frameworks. Nevertheless, with constant changes and time in this progressive market, this language is getting switched with other advanced and efficient options.


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